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Have a Great Experience at Traditions at Brookside?

Nice place countryside for our Mom.
5 Star Review — Stacey L. (Google Reviews)
The facility is so bright, clean and inviting, and the staff are wonderful. I love visiting my grandfather and seeing all the activities he participates in. And kudos to the dining room staff- they are very busy at meal times but they greet every resident by name and serve everyone with warmth and patience. It is a very welcoming facility and a pleasure to visit.
5 Star Review — Jennifer D. (Google Reviews)
Traditions at Brookside was excellent, very clean, and new. I got a good impression of the place. I saw a freestanding home for independent living and two apartments for assisted living. The young woman was very, very knowledgeable, and helpful. They had no real facility for hobbies, but lots of social activity.
— Andrew (Caring.com)
We toured the Traditions at Brookside. They had very nice facilities. The place was very nice. They showed me a one-bedroom. I saw their courtyard for walking. They had physical activities, and they had a chapel. I liked that it was super clean; it was my most favorite thing about it.
— Christopher (Caring.com)
You couldn't want anything better. This has been an excellent experience for us. From the first tour to the assessment, to move in, all the staff have been wonderful to work with. The food is great according to my loved one. Traditions ranks up there at the top, and they are very good.
— Dennis C. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We wanted our Dad to be in the absolute best place possible for him to be a resident of a Memory Care facility.

Thats why we chose Traditions at Brookside.

Patty June and her exemplary staff provide the excellent care we were searching for, in a "Country Club" type facility.

Also I want to mention Kara Cope, who was instrumental in making a tough transition for our Dad and myself, both an educational and smooth transition into Memory Care.

I also need to give a shout out to Dawn Nugent, the Memory Care Director. It never ceases to amaze me how much patience and care she has for the Memory Care residents.

She creates a very upbeat environment as well as continually stimulating the brains of the residents with educational games, exercise, music, and other entertainment. It takes a very special person to do this job and I appreciate her immensely.

My Dad, Frank, has been a resident at Traditions for 2 years.
— Fred
After bad experiences at two different assisted living facilities, we moved my mother to Traditions at Brookside. We have been so pleased with not only the facility, but also the staff. They are not perfect, but the difference we have found at Brookside is that they truly care about the residents and enjoy the residents. There is a wonderful move-in coordinator who helps the new resident with the adjustment to the facility. At her prior facilities, the weekly 'cleaning' never really happened--at Brookside, they do an excellent job! When I contact the nursing staff, the reply is always prompt. I'm still so pleasantly surprised when they call back so quickly. At previous facilities, it took many calls, which were seldom if ever returned. Moving my mother to Traditions at Brookside is the best thing that we have done for her in the past five years, both for her physical needs and mental outlook. She is so much happier in a place that cares about her and her needs. She is doing so much better in a positive environment. Thanks to everyone there!!
— Kim W.
My wife's grandmother lives here. She has done so well since moving in. I feel like her quality of life has improved so much. Previously, she was reliant on family to get her out of the house. Now she has made friends, interacts with several ladies, and enjoys the food. This place is also much closer to more of our family, so I feel like we are able to see her more often. The staff and food are excellent. The building is also new and feels much nicer than other places she looked at.
— Colby C.
In the most frightening time of life for my family and I, the staff at Traditions at Brookside has been nothing short of a big God-sized miracle. My family and I are so grateful for the love, care and patience shown to us and in the care of our mother. They have taken the time to establish a relationship with our mom - she isn't just a resident - she is a person that they know and care about. I can't say enough good things about the management and staff of wonderful people. I love this place so much. It is a privilege to be in such a wonderful, wonderful place.
— Barb S.
My mother has been there for 3 years. They have been nothing but fantastic.
— Jerry A.
"My mother is in Traditions at Brookside. The community is great. The staff is fantastic. Her room is very nice and very clean. They've got everything there, a family room, dining room, movie theater, a chapel, beauty salon, and computer room. She loves the food. The meals are great. She really enjoys it. She has participated in bingo. She has done some cooking and some arts and crafts. They're taking care of her very well. It's a little expensive, but she's happy. It's a great place.
— James (Caring.com)
Best place to work, tip-top professional management caring for employees and residents alike. It was such a wonderful opportunity for me to work at Traditions. I will cherish for the rest of my life.
— Gaston Y.
I had a very good experience with Traditions at Brookside. I was very impressed with the place and all the things they had to offer when I visited. The representative did a fantastic job making me feel welcome and introducing me to people. It couldn't have been better. The rooms were exactly what we were looking for. It looks like it's well maintained. There were quite a few people that were cleaning and vacuuming and serving breakfast while I was there, so I was very impressed. The dining area looked very nice. I saw where they had their activities. It was early in the morning, so not much was happening at the time, but it seemed like they offered a lot of different activities and areas to have activities.
— Scott
During my tour, I liked the size of the apartment the best, and the newness of the whole facility. Everybody seemed to know everybody. They were friendly, and the staff was fantastic. I said hi to several of the people who live there. It was a detached unit, and it had an open concept. I'm not an open concept person, but the living room and kitchen area were very nicely laid out. I loved the two-bedrooms, and I love the appliances. It was very roomy. I thought it would be a good place to live, except that it is detached from the main building for anything that I would want to take part in, whether it would be a meal once a day, exercising, crafting or whatever. I would have to walk quite a distance to the big building. In the summer, spring and fall, that would be fine, but in the winter, I can't handle it. It was cold the day I went, which is a good thing because it showed me that I would get out of breath and have arthritis pain the rest of the day. The staff member, Kara, was wonderful. She had answers to all my questions and showed me everything and then some. She was very good at showing me all the details. I saw each area down to the libraries, and I think there's a beauty shop. I remember correctly the exercise room, eating areas, gathering areas and little alcoves where you can sit and visit. I was shown everything.
— Colleen
I think the move-in was easy. The transition for my mom went well. They try to make her feel at home, and I think they do a good job trying to make her comfortable. I think the apartments are really nice. It's a good size for her, and in terms of her mobility, she can get around well. The square footage lends itself to a good environment for someone who's 86 years old.
— Matt from Geist
I visited this facility. Traditions at Brookside was very lovely. They were very, very nice people. The apartments were very nice. They were spacious enough for us. The staff members were wonderful. Especially the staff who assisted me did a magnificent job of talking to people and explaining everything. She's just a lovely person. Some residents would come through, and they would speak to every single one of them. They knew them by name. They were nice to the residents. I picked up on that right away. We saw the library, the beauty shop, the bar, and the lunchroom. We saw everything that was on the second floor or third floor. We went up the elevator, and that's where we saw the apartment and said hello to people along the way. The resident's doors had Christmas decorations. It was very, very pleasant. I saw where they played cards, and that was beautiful. They have many fireplaces in this place. They had one fireplace on the main floor. They have many game rooms on different floors. They have places where you can play cards or sit down and talk. They were large and not just a square room. They had comfortable chairs. It's a very lovely place.
— Carolyn
Probably what I liked about Traditions at Brookside was the cleanliness, the size of the rooms, and the facility. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable. I only talked to one person. She maybe was Director of Sales. The size was adequate for an assisted living apartment. The dining room was spacious. The other rooms that they had for activities were clean and spacious. They had a theater room that was unique that I hadn't seen before, and that was nice. They had an enclosed courtyard, which I didn't get to see. I just looked at it from afar.
— Will (Caring.com)
I feel the people that work here genuinely care about the residents. The place is always clean. Before Covid the activities were exceptional. I realize it's harder now. Most importantly my mother always tells me its a great place to live.
— Susan N. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I moved my dad to Traditions at Brookside during the height of COVID-19 in April 2020. The Executive Director and her staff have been exception in dealing with the COVID challenge and continue to care for my dad and all residents in a professional and caring way. This is an A+++ facility.
— Fred P. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I love Traditions. This facility has been wonderful for my brother.
— Wanda B. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
My sister has moved into Traditions at Brookside. It's a very caring community. The room was larger than any of them that we had looked at. It was all-inclusive and the room looks out over a patio, and it is next to the nurse's station, so we felt like it's exactly what she needed. She hasn't been there long enough, but so far, it is fine. The dining area is fine. We've encouraged her to tell them if she doesn't like something, and they said they would bring her something else and so forth, and they've been good about that. The staff has been very friendly and very caring. When we've had questions, they answered them and so forth. She had a wound and they had been really good about keeping that cared for and so forth. Their outdoor space is available to all those in the memory care unit. It has a nice patio, umbrella tables, and lots of flowers, which I understand in the spring that the memory care people helped to plant with their activity director. They have activities in the memory room, but I love the outdoor space and her room looks out over that, and she likes flowers, so that is another reason we thought she would be happier there.
— M.B.
It's a very nice facility. Everybody is really friendly and welcomes you in. We've just seemed to fit right in with everyone. I've not tried the food, but it smells really good. The Activities Director seems to stay busy with the residents and keep them occupied. When she's not busy doing that, she's handing out snacks and newsletters with memory-oriented puzzles and things. I really like it there, and my loved on seems to like it as well. I would definitely recommend them.
— WB (SeniorAdvisor.com)
We went to Traditions at Brookside, and my mother-in-law liked it so much that she didn't want to see any place else. We were very impressed with it. The facility itself was very nice and well taken care of. The staff seemed very knowledgeable and competent. They answered any questions we had. The services they offered were what we needed for my mother-in-law. Our overall impression was good to excellent. I saw the assisted living and memory care. The staff felt after talking to her that she really belonged in memory care. We originally went there to look at the assisted living part; but after seeing that and talking to my mother-in-law, the staff felt that she would do better in memory care. They seemed very concerned, and they knew how to talk to my mother-in-law without coming on too strong. They asked her questions directly and were really good about including her in the conversation. They were very friendly, concerned and seemed very competent. We met the head nurse and the head of the memory care unit, as well as the executive director. We did not go during mealtime, and we did not try the food. We asked them about the food. It's a menu that has the same things every day, plus a daily special. The dining room seemed very nice. The staff has been there for quite awhile. They don't have a lot of turnover, which was important to us. The facility was clean, well kept, and very pleasing to the eye. It looked brand new. It was just a very nice first impression, inside and out.
— Jane (Caring.com)
We are touched by everyone at Traditions in one way or another and have the most gratitude for all you do for us. I thought moving here was just a stop as I continued to look for another house. The longer we were here, the more positive the benefits became. At first, a small thing--NO STEPS. Now that is a big thing. Being in a wheelchair, the no-steps makes daily living so much easier.

Another big thing has been the meals. Mike and I enjoy them and especially right now, when I do not have to do the prep, cooking or cleaning up. Life is good. Thank you very much for making the difference for us.

When Mike had to have surgery, our friends gave us a week of dinners as a gift. Traditions added another two weeks to that. Our sincere thanks to you all for this. Mike has gone through the recovery with a lot of pain and in need of a lot of help, which has not always been easy in a wheelchair, but we made it. Thank you very much for this assistance. Have to mention the pizza the other night, the best I have ever had.

Another big plus about living here at Traditions has been the neighbors. They care and have also stepped in to help. Put this all together and we are so grateful for living here and for all you have done to help us. Thank you Traditions from the bottom of our hearts. There is more that could be said, just know how much we appreciate every one of you and everything you do for us. Love and hugs to you all.
— Thea
I am/was a resident of this facility. At one point, we lived in Traditions at Brookside in [the] little houses, in independent living, but I was able to have a pendant on my husband, so we actually knew everybody there. The staff is great. I already know them because I knew eventually I was gonna need memory care for him, and they had a program for memory care. We had a two-bedroom, we had a garage, too and we got one meal a day and it was really good. They have a chef, and we enjoyed the food. It's really nice, it's a brand-new place and very modern. The dining room was great, we had music a lot of times, people waited on us, and it was great. We totally enjoyed it.

I have nothing [bad] to say, the staff was just perfect there. [When my husband] would fall, I slept in another bedroom and half the time I wouldn't even know he was lying on the floor. The girls had the keys and they would go back there and just pick him up, and they were all very nice to him. They had a regular shuttle bus where they would take him down to the VA, and just anything you asked 'cause they tried very hard to please anybody.
— Joan
I wanted to thank you for the arrangement to meet privately with Louise Maley. It was her late son David's birthday. He would have been 61 years old. Your care and understanding is greatly appreciated. Please keep up the good work, it means a lot.
— Rosita M. (David's wife)
My mom moved into Traditions at Brookside recently. Patty June has been such a great support for us. Just one example is when we moved mom in we forgot her phone cable. Patty bought one and installed it herself! Who does that? Patty June, that's who. She has scheduled visits for us, made certain COVID protocols are adhered to and does a wonderful job during these hectic times. THANK YOU PATTY JUNE!!! Thanks loads!
— Vickie P.
My mom moved into Traditions at Brookside. It is very nice, they keep it immaculate, and their staff is very friendly. The maintenance guys helped us move her in, and set up the furniture. They did a whole lot more than what their job description called for. They were very helpful with that, they keep very close tabs with my mom, and they keep close contact with me. They have restaurant style eating under normal circumstances, but now [with Covid] they're serving them in their rooms; it's a lot of prepackaged food, and so my mom was not thrilled about that. The room is very spacious, lots of natural light, a nice bathroom with all the handholds, pull cords, and safety-related things. It's very tastefully done. They usually have a happy hour every day; they have a jukebox that plays oldies, and lots of different games. My mom has a dog, and they have an area where she can get off her leash and run around. They have some great rocking chairs out there, and she has made a lot of friends, especially with other dog owners out there.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
We moved my dad to Traditions a couple of weeks ago. I like the location, it's close to where I live. He has a door that leads outside and one that leads into the hallway, and once Covid is over, we can come and go through that door without having to go through the lobby. The community has been great other than the restricted visiting due to Covid. They were very helpful. He said that everyone there is very nice with him. They go out of the way to make him comfortable. They walk the paper and hand it to him and don't just leave it at the door. They deliver the newspaper every day. They are kind of spoiling him. With the staff, I have no issues with anyone. He likes his eggs prepared in a certain way, which they don't offer right now. It is expensive, but we had no idea going in how much it was, so it was just figure-shock, really. But they have a lot to offer, so it's a good value for the money. 🙂
— Beverly
My mother will be moving into Traditions at Brookside. It's less than five miles from my home, and it's really new. I think it's about three years old. The staff was fantastic and very informative. The apartment was beautiful and roomy.🙂
— Victoria
Carole's daughter and son-in-law let me know the other day how grateful they were for Carole's new home in your memory care and for all you did to pull together a room for her pending them bringing Carole's furnishings from her home in Florida. I wasn't surprised with the positive feedback, but it is still very gratifying to know my recommendations exceed expectations. 🙂
— Lisa K. (Assisted Living Locators)
Kara was so wonderful with my parents. This was a huge change of life for them and she made it easy and stress free. She was a true 😇 with us! My parents are so happy and have adjusted great.
— Tonya D. (Caring.com)
Great place. Comfortable with my Dad being there...
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
Traditions is safe, clean, happy and caring facility in which I have entrusted my parents!
— Carol H. (Caring.com)
My mom has lived in the assisted living section for two years. She is very happy and comfortable in her spacious one bedroom apartment. The staff is friendly and kind. They are incredibly caring to my mom. She loves the contained outdoor courtyard. She enjoys bingo and her bible study group.
— Debbie and Edel (Caring.com)
Helen spent the last six months of her active life at Traditions at Brookside. She had lived in her home in Pennville for 72 years and really did not want to leave. But there came a time, at the age of 96, that her family thought it was best for both her safety and health to move to an assisted living facility.

We visited several locations and did considerable research. After reviewing many options, we decided that Traditions at Brookside was the best option. Helen was leaving the community and friends that had been a major part of her life, and she was very concerned that she would be lonely and sad. But, that was not the case!!!!

When Helen became very ill and had to leave Traditions, she was very sad and said "I do not want to leave. I have made great friends here and this is my home now.

— Pam and Larry R. & Family and John and Kathy C. & Family
My mother will move into Traditions at Brookside in August. Our experience was very good, the woman I worked with was very helpful and friendly, and the facility was just a couple of years old, so it's very well-appointed. There's a large brook or stream that runs behind it, and there's not a lot around, you have to drive to get to other places. It's laid out more like a hotel, it's bigger than a house, I think they have 75 assisted living residents, and then they also have memory care. Everything is updated, she's going to be in a studio apartment, it's a nice size, and it's got a little kitchenette. The dining area is lovely with white tablecloths and white napkin service, full restaurant service, three meals a day, and doors that connect to a patio. It's lovely like a resort. They have beautiful patios and a courtyard.
— Deb (Caring.com)
God is so good. My mom and dad moved into Traditions at Brookside Assisted Living today. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Mom and Dad love their new apartment. It was like Jesus feeding the 5000, only it was like Jesus taking a 354 square foot apartment and turning it into a mansion! Who would know they would move next to a long-time friend and pastor?! I am forever indebted to my family, friends and rockstar husband. Couldn't have done it without you and I love you all so much. Thank you and thank you, God for orchestrating this! Nelson and LaDonna, enjoy your new home. Love you so much!
— Audi C.
Great place for my Mother and close to our family as well. I had been there earlier, but wanted my sister to see it. They gave us a quick tour even though we did not have an appointment.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Great atmosphere, very pleasant personnel. I love this place!
— Margo S.
My mom is here and I have been completely satisfied with the staff and care. I went through this experience with my father before he passed away and it is tough to find a nice facility with good care. Traditions at Brookside is unbelievably nice, has all the bells and whistles, and is doing everything they can to care for my mom.
— Jerry A.
Such a beautiful community. Staff is very welcoming and residents look happy and well cared for.
— Kara S.
The staff at Traditions makes living at the facility feel like home for dad. Everyone is friendly and genuinely cares about the residents and their families. They have worked to assist in making the transition from independent to assisted living very smooth.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
This is on my list of places that would be a great fit for my parents. Location, food/menu, staff very friendly.
— Anonymous (SeniorAdvisor.com)
I have visited 10 or 12 retirement homes in the area and would rate this TOPS. I like the payment plan per month, bonus for inviting guests, proximity to all kinds of stores, restaurants and available for transportation to medical facilities, personal doctor (within 20 miles), groceries above average. Good meals, free landscaping, church service, free home telephone, window washing two times a year, so many activities that are available, appliance repair, etc.
— Vera M.
My loved one is doing well since her move to this community. She is doing well and I am comfortable with her move to this community. They have a wonderful staff and everyone I have worked with has been great. Everything looks nice and well-pet when I visit. They provide nice meals and good activities for the residents. I know she is safe and in good hands in this community and I would recommend it.
— McCordsville, IN Family (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Staff is caring and friendly. The facility is less than a year old and is absolutely beautiful! There is a nice variety of activities offered from arts and crafts to guest speakers, movies, musical entertainment and community trips.
— Marty (Caring.com)
Nice people, nice place. Instructors are aware and capable. It's new and pleasant!
— Barbara
As someone who works within the senior industry, I am well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of nearly every community in the city. Traditions at Brookside is a stunningly beautiful building. But best of all is the staff that runs it. I would not hesitate in recommending friends and family into their loving care.
— Sean and Jan T. (Senior Life Transitions)
This is a wonderful community! The people here are wonderful, caring and supportive no matter what station of life you are in! They respect and honor life! The services are good and there is always plenty of activity and individual attention.
— Shirley C.
Employees from top to bottom have been consistently pleasant and helpful. Fabulous facility. I just can't find anything negative to say about the place or the people.
— Mark M.
The staff at Brookside has worked hard to be as helpful as possible to my mother. They have been wonderful. The residents all seem very satisfied and well taken care of by the staff. Relocating a loved one is always challenging, but the staff at Brookside has done an amazing job at assisting and accommodating our situation. The facility is beautifully laid out and they are always bringing in outside organizations to entertain and interact with the residents. I could not be happier with having my mother at Traditions of Brookside.
— Chip R. (Caring.com)
I really like living here because everything provided is convenient for me. I think that is good!
— Elizabeth L.
Overall staff is friendly and facility is very nice. Very pleased with all of the activities that are offered, as our mother is very active.
— L.M. (Caring.com)
My wife and I feel so blessed that our daughter, who lives in Carmel, was able to find a brand new 2 bed, 2 bath spacious home with attached garage at Traditions at Brookside. All rentals come with new appliances and each resident in the eighteen homes receives 30 complimentary meals per month--ordered from a generous menu--at the community restaurant across the street. One couldn't ask for better neighbors in a peaceful country setting.
— Eugene S.
This is a beautiful community, warm and inviting. It has all the amenities a person might want. The staff we met were friendly and welcoming. It feels like it's out in the country, yet has close access to Fishers and Indianapolis.
— Martel P.
I toured this community for my Grandma. The staff was very welcoming and warm. The residents looked well cared for. They were having a time enjoying the entertainment!
— Sara T. (Google Reviews)
What a beautiful community and caring staff!!
— Granddaughter (SeniorHomes.com)
We are going to be moving my parents into Traditions at Brookside. It is nice because it is brand new. When i first visited, it was under construction, but now it is finished and really nice. They have a workout area and a movie theater. You don't have to sit down at a certain time to eat; you can go and get what you want whenever you want in the dining room. That is something that my dad really likes because where he is now, you have to eat lunch from 11 to 1. They have a courtyard in the center. We worked with Kara, who was very nice, very helpful and showed us the different apartments they had.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
My parents moved to Traditions last Wednesday. They have a two-bedroom, two-bath shower home with a one-car garage. There's a porch in the back and the front, a full kitchen with stainless steel equipment and a washer and dryer. They have 30 meals a month, excellent food and the dining area is like a restaurant where you can order from a menu. They also have a full salon, chapel and a theater room.
— Sally (Caring.com)