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Congratulations to All of Our Wellness Director Recognition Nominees

Celebrating Traditions Wellness Director Nominees

There are so many people who make it possible for us to care for our residents, especially through a challenging year like this one.

This month, we have chosen to recognize our Wellness Director nominees, who have been instrumental in interpreting and adhering to ever-changing Covid protocols, managing and supporting staff and leading with professionalism, kindness and exceptional care.

Please join us in congratulating the following nominees for their hard work, expertise and excellence:

Valerie Singleton

Traditions at Hunter Station

Valerie has been an asset to our community, especially throughout the pandemic. She has faced staffing challenges, COVID outbreaks and adjusted to being a Wellness Director with a positive attitude.

Although she has worked countless hours throughout the pandemic, she approaches her position with professionalism, kindness and collaboration. Our residents, staff and families have expressed how receptive, responsive and caring she is, and she always delivers excellent, high quality, resident-focused care.

Valerie Singleton is an “above and beyond hero” to all of us at Traditions at Hunter Station, and we appreciate her!

Kathy Kraft

Traditions at North Bend

Kathy is a very skillful nurse who shows great compassion for residents and their family members. She always provides great customer service, delivers on our core values and is an excellent leader for the nursing team. The staff respects and looks up to her.

Kathy is a great team player and we are lucky to have her here at Traditions.

Shai Mitchell

Traditions at Reagan Park

Shai is a calm, adaptive, supportive and humble leader. These attributes are especially crucial during a global pandemic. When we had our first Covid- positive resident, it was a scary and stressful time for our community. Shai jumped right in to ensure our residents received the right level of care and made her team feel as comfortable as possible.

Throughout the pandemic, our protocols have been ever changing. Shai has adapted quickly and supported her team through the changes with a sense of calmness.

Everyone knows that one of the most challenging aspects of being a Wellness Director is staffing. Trying to hire, train and retain quality nurses and caregivers can be time-consuming and difficult, while also managing the day-to-day staffing challenges. Shai always maintains a positive perspective and manages to see the cup half full.

Last, Shai is always willing to jump in and help when and where she is needed. She truly rolls up her sleeves and leads by example. This, as well as her other many qualities, has earned her the respect of her team and peers.

Lynn Eitel

Middleton Senior Living

Lynn has been an asset to Middleton since she started. Her acceptance in the Wellness Director position has been impactful to our nursing services. Lynn is willing to help other departments and do what we need to make Middleton successful. Although she is a leader to our nursing staff, she is also capable of seeing the bigger picture. I cannot express how much I appreciate all she does!

Shannon Kersey

Traditions at Solana

Shannon’s leadership speaks volumes because so many of her former colleagues have followed her to Solana. They like working with her and respect her experience and management style. Solana is lucky to have her and her loyal team!

Shannon has a commitment to her residents and staff like no other. She leads by example and works alongside her staff any time they need it. Shannon is very strong clinically and shares her knowledge to help staff, residents and families make educated decisions about their health and quality of life.

Shannon is hands-down the only person I would want taking care of my family. She advocates and champions for each and every resident as if they were a part of her own family. She is truly one of the top reasons I feel families should pick Solana for their loves ones. She is amazing! Truly someone to be looked up to and admired. 

Chastity Marshall

Traditions at Beaumont

Chastity has been part of our team since October, and in a short period of time, has managed to build and stabilize a strong staff, despite the challenges of Covid. She is a true team player and is known for her positive, no-nonsense, “get it done” attitude.

Chastity has the heart of a teacher, and inspires her staff members to better themselves every day. Her passion for the well being of her residents drives her every action. It is one thing to be a compassionate nurse. It is another to be a compassion nurse and an effective leader. With Chastity, we have both.

Sara Winkler

Traditions of Deerfield

Sara has been with Traditions of Deerfield since August 2019. She first worked as a floor nurse for Assisted Living and was promoted to Wellness Director in August of 2020. Our residents were delighted when Sara was promoted, as she was already one of their favorite nurses due to her caring spirit and attention to detail. One resident told me “Sara is a natural fit for Wellness Director.”

Sara has been instrumental over the past year during Covid and remained so strong during the most difficult time healthcare has ever seen. She always has a “go-bag” in her car in case she of an overnight call off or crazy snowstorm. Sara covers many shifts and enjoys working with our residents and families.

I am so very blessed to have such a dedicated Wellness Director to lead our nursing team.

Dennis Downing

Cherry Blossom Senior Living

Dennis has brought his winning attitude and confidence to Cherry Blossom, and our residents know that he and his team are at the top of their game. He is professional, organized and represents our community with dignity, perseverance, exemplary care and sustained reverence for the task at hand. He knows that taking care of our residents is an honor.

Dennis is quick with a smile, even behind the mask, and he radiates our corporate culture in everything he accomplishes. A valued, reliable member of the Cherry Blossom Team, Dennis continues to contribute his medical knowledge and professional practices in everything he does.

It is a pleasure to work with him!

Maria Ingram

Traditions at Brookside

Maria Ingram has been with Traditions at Brookside since we opened in 2017.  To have a Wellness Director for that amount of time says a lot about her dedication to our residents, staff and the company.

I cannot say enough about Maria and the unique energy she brings to the job.  All department head managers get a daily positive quote from Maria, and it is just one part of the positive daily vibe we get from her! We all love it and if she does not send it, we remind her.

Maria is always smiling, laughing and a fun part of the team. Her job is very demanding, especially with all of the unexpected challenges this past year with Covid. I appreciate her and her dedication. There are no words that can express the gratitude I have for her. It is my honor to have her on my team, as a friend, and as a leader for Traditions at Brookside!

Tracey Penn

Oakwood Senior Living

Tracey began her employment with Traditions in 2019 as an LPN at Cherry Blossom Senior Living. She was an excellent clinician and always went above and beyond to care for her residents. In September, 2020, Tracey was promoted to Wellness Director at Oakwood Senior Living. She dove in headfirst and has made sure that every resident moving into Oakwood has everything they need to feel at home immediately.

Tracey has prepared her team to meet each and every need of every resident, and to anticipate future needs. Not only does Tracey ensure our clinical compliance, and oversee the daily care staff, but she also jumps in and assists with resident care whenever needed. Her team and residents  love her!

Opening a new community is difficult under the best of circumstances, but opening a community in the midst of a pandemic presents even greater challenges. Tracey has made it look easy!

Julie Bowen

Traditions at North Willow

Julie came to North Willow as our Wellness Director in April of 2019 and has been a leader from the beginning. Her level of commitment is extraordinary.

Beyond being a great nurse, she loves each and every one of our residents and always does her very best to be sure they are happy and well cared for. She is fun and sassy and brings her flair to all that know her well. From handling the most major emergencies with calm, to clipping toenails with a smile, everything Julie does, she does with grace and kindness.

This pandemic has been so tough on everyone, but Julie’s commitment and dedication has never wavered. She is always willing to work long, tireless hours to be sure her staff is supported and our residents are cared for.

There are no words to truly express our gratitude for all she does every day. So, from all of us at North Willow, THANK YOU, Julie!! I hope you know how truly appreciated you are.

Shalanda White

Ashton Grove Senior Living

Shalanda is the perfect person for the role of Wellness Director. She has such a calming presence and gentle spirit. She is a team player and doesn’t hesitate to jump into conversations with families about the care we can provide their loved ones. She is always willing to drop everything when an assessment is needed, even at a moment’s notice.

Our residents light up when Shalanda comes in the room. She knows how to make each one feel special and important. She carries out our core values in her actions and heartfelt work. We appreciate how she holds her staff accountable and mentors them every day to provide the absolute best care. Residents connect so well with Shalanda, that we recently started a monthly event called “Sunshine with Shalanda,” where our residents come together to exchange stories and spend quality time with her.

Shalanda’s years of experience and knowledge are equally matched by her heart as a caregiver and servant. She also gives the BEST HUGS! She is a blessing to the Ashton Grove leadership Team and to all our staff and residents.

Mimi Newman

Park Place Senior Living

Mimi has been with Traditions since 2011, and what an asset she has been here at Park Place.

Mimi is clinically so intelligent and brings a ton of experience to our residents and nurses everyday. She has gone above and beyond during all of her years at Park Place, and even more so during the pandemic. Mimi remains consistent, making sure our nurses and residents have whatever they need in order to stay safe during the pandemic. She is always great for a laugh and keeps the residents safe, healthy and happy!

I am so blessed to work side-by-side with Mimi everyday! She keeps a happy balance at Park Place and goes above and beyond every day.

Erica Russell

Highgrove Senior Living

Erica’s bright smile can truly make you feel at ease. She does an excellent job of comforting residents and has really been a rockstar throughout the pandemic. She has persevered through a lot of challenges this year, always lifting up others, working long hours and showing great leadership in keeping spirits high and residents safe.

C.J. Boswell  (Regional WD)

Traditions at Reagan Park
Traditions of Columbus
Park Place Senior Living

Reagan Park
When Reagan Park had its outbreak, CJ was there with us that first weekend, boots on the ground, providing care. He was also onsite with us every day for almost two weeks making sure we felt supported and helping with whatever tasks we needed help with. Not only did he keep us informed of all CDC and state guideline changes, he was always quick to respond when questions popped up and was extremely patient, as I know we have asked him the same questions 20 times over! Very grateful for CJ!!

CJ has led the nursing team through the pandemic, going above and beyond to attend seminars, research best practices and act as a resource to EDs, DOWs and all staff members. He has maintained up-to-date knowledge on CDC and ISDH ever-changing guidance and has succeeded in keeping everyone informed and, subsequently, safe.

In short, he has been instrumental to the company during Covid.

Park Place
CJ has continued to keep things light and funny, regardless of the situation. His support is truly unmatched. He is a great resource and a wonderful asset to the Indiana Team!! Thank you, CJ!